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September 20, 2008

The tearing of Tom Brady’s knee ligaments have altered a few people’s perspectives on the 2008 season. The Patriots are learning to live without The Best Offense In The History Of Football (TM) , the other AFC east teams are daring to dream of a playoff spot, and the path to a ring looks a lot easier for the Colts, Jags and Steelers than it used to.

For one man in particular, though, the news that Brady was done for the year must have felt like being slapped in the face by fate.

"I didn't want to go to the playoffs anyway"

"It's not like I wanted to go to the playoffs anyway"

If Brett Favre had waited a few months before throwing the immature self-aggrandizing strop that was August’s “un-retirement” fiasco – say until week one of the season – who’s to say he wouldn’t now be stepping into the lineup for arguably the last great NFL dynasty. When the Pats were looking around the available talent pool for a replacement who could offer some veteran leadership and throw up deep fades to Randy Moss, Favre could have been the guy who stepped up for a year or two and – who knows? – maybe even taken this talented team back to the superbowl.

Instead, he cashed in his chips early and is now stuck playing for the Diet Patriots – Mangini instead of Belichick, Cotchery instead of Welker, and a creaky offensive line made up of equal parts overpaid veterans and overpaid youngsters.

The football gods clearly decided that Favre’s prima donna antics couldn’t go unpunished, and as a result are now dangling the ultimate “what if” right in front of his face. As he’s chased out of a collapsing pocket again, wondering why Lavarenues Coles isn’t making much of an effort to block, somewhere in the back of his mind Brett must be wondering what could have been….

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