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Perfect drafting, the playactionpost way

February 14, 2009

There are teams who draft very well (Colts, Pats, Texans), there are teams who draft like morons (Oakland, Detroit, Minnesota) and there are those who are a bit hit and miss (Eagles, Saints).

Whether or not draft spots end up providing good football players is a pretty complex business, and in a lot of ways is a good health check for the way a franchise operates. The mix of scouting, coaching and player development is hard to define and varies from team to team, and the draft itself is more important to some teams than others who depend on free agency. Getting it right can be more art than science, but good draft teams like Pittsburgh have shown that long term success is built on a well executed draft strategy which builds year on year.

Successful teams’ draft records tend to look very similar and the emphasis on hope over optimism led use here at playactionpost to reckon we could boil it down into a foolproof system. Detailed numerical analysis followed, historical record dissection ensued, and then a lot of working out what Jerry Jones would do and writing down the exact opposite.

We’re now happy to announce the launch of the PaP Revitalising & Reinvigorating Non Team Or System Specific Draft Formula For Long Term Franchise Success.

PaPRRNTOSSDFLTFS bears no liability for your team ending up as the Bengals….

Round 1: Alternate drafting offensive linemen and cornerbacks, then once every 6 years draft a standout WR.

Round 2: If its a top 5 pick, draft a DE. If not, draft a DT every other year, a passcatching TE once every four years, and trade down for 3rd round picks in the off years.

Round 3: Alternate drafting safeties and offensive linemen. Whenever possible, pick up extra 3rd round picks and use them on linebackers.

Round 4: Alternate drafting fullbacks and defensive linemen.

Round 5: Draft linebackers, and every three years draft a QB from a small school.

Round 6: Alternate drafting blocking TEs, small school QBs and WRs.

Round 7: Draft the player with the best name

Next: Part 2 – “Free Agency to make friends and influence people”

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  1. distantblues permalink*
    February 14, 2009 4:58 pm

    The Raiders have followed this before you know, and they drafted Robert Gallery.

    Also, didn’t Minnesota draft that Adrian Peterson guy? He’s Ok….

  2. redemigre permalink
    February 14, 2009 5:59 pm

    If your player selection sucks, that’s not my fault…

    There’s always going to be a “can’t miss player”, but it’s a gamble – for every Adrian Petersen there’s two Ryan Leafs and a Mike Williams. I’m with Parcells – a good plug in runner is always available.


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