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Who dey? Superbowl edition

February 18, 2009

The last game of the season (pro bowl = not a game) produced a great Who Dey? in the shape of Arizona backup tight end Ben Patrick.

Patrick is a second year player out of Delaware, with mediocre stats even for a backup, and little chance of becoming a breakout star.

Superbowl XLII gave him the opporutnity to shine, however, in the second quarter. On a goalline playaction play, Cardinals QB Kurt Warner looks towards our hero in the endzone, and loops a slightly overthrown pass in his direction.If you watch closely, you can see the moment when Patrick’s eyes light up and he realises he might be about to score a TD in the superbowl.

He follows this realisation by proving that he wants it more, jumping higher than he possibly ever has before, and wrestling the ball out of the hands of Larry Foote.

The TD changes the momentum of the game at a critical point, and sets Arizona on the path to taking charge as they build towards halftime and an almost certa- oh, wait…..Nice throw Kurt.

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